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Pandora’s Box: Issue #2

Hey everyone, welcome to Pandora’s Box! This is where we share (on a semi-regular basis) what is currently on the Legionaire radar. Some of our picks will be obscure, some will be painfully (and unapologetically) mainstream. Regardless, they are what’s stimulating our synapses at the moment. Enjoy, destroy, and if you are interested in picking up any of them won’t you do so via our affiliate links? Thanks! :)

What We’re Reading:

He Says: “A very clear, well written and informative book. Truly inspiring.”

She Says: “Appreciated the take this book adopts. It looks more at the sociological shifts that facilitated the Beatle’s development and rise to prominence (and eventual disbanding). Though the author overstates certain theories it still was an enjoyable journey.”

What We’re Listening To:

He Says: “Great album. What really stands out is the robust guitar tone.”

She Says: “Secret fact. I am a lounge music addict. It started in the late nineties and has continued unabated. One of my fave things to do is to dim the lights, turn on the mellow vibes, and have some sparkling juice :)

What We’re Watching:

He Says: “I think it’s necessary for people to see the destructive effects that drugs and alcohol can have on their lives.”

She Says: “Celebrity Rehab and Sober House should be required viewing in high schools from Form 1!”

Last Movie Seen:

He Says: “AMAZINGLY FUNNY! A pleasure to watch from start to finish. A welcome flashback to the 80’s. Loved it!”

She Says: “Don’t look for the plot, it will only hurt you. Enjoy it for what it is a madcap screwball musical ride with classic youthful beatle eye candy!”

Currently Inspired By:

He Says: “Tools like the Internet keep proving that there are a lot of young and extremely talented people out there doing their thing. This is truly a DIY generation. These kids pulled offsomething that was more effective than the ‘official’ We Are The World 25. It’s an inspiration to hear and to see what the Internet has made possible.”

She Says: “Recently watched a marathon series on Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory People’. A lot of the section on the Velvet Underground intrigued me, got a lot of ideas from their multimedia performance art approach! :)
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