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Alcoholism is a serious problem that affects the lives of not only the addict, but also their loved ones. Unfortunately there is still a very cavalier attitude towards alcohol abuse in Trinidad & Tobago and very little in terms of active education, outreach and intervention is provided.

If you have been helped by a Trinbagonian alcoholism resource why not let us know the details so that they can be added here?

Local Resource: NADAPP: National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Programme

To learn more visit: Visit Al-Anon/Alateen

Autism outreach, treatment and detection is sadly not where it should or could be here in Trinidad. Although steps are being made towards childhood development issues, it still leaves unaddressed the many teenagers and adults who exist on the spectrum locally and the ongoing challenges that they face.

Local Resource: Autistic Society of Trinidad & Tobago
To learn more visit:
Domestic abuse is a silent epidemic that needs to be addressed. All too often neighbours look the other way and friends and family are willing to enable the abuser. Combine this with a largely disinterested justice system and a lack of real legal and social resources and we have a real problem on our hands here. Is there anyone here who has not been affected by it or doesn’t know someone who has?

Local Resource: Trinidad & Tobago Coalition Against Domestic Violence

To learn more visit: Domestic Violence and Abuse: Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships
We decided to separate Drunk Driving into its own category as many drunk drivers are individuals who had one too many rather than textbook alcoholics. Drunk driving is often laughed off by party goers, and some individuals even boast that they drive better under the influence. This is all of course nonsense, and headline after headline of lives lost and destroyed forever is testimony to the fact hat a license is a privilege not a right. Let’s not abuse ourselves and put others at risk. Is that too much to ask?

Local Resource: Arrive Alive Trinidad & Tobago
To learn more visit: Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Legionaire firmly believes in the right of every individual to live a life of dignity, free from fear, discrimination or persecution. We don’t believe in tiers of access to civil institutions or services and think that our strength as a society will be determined by how we treat -everyone-. “Together we aspire, together we achieve”.

Local Resource: GSpott – the blog of Trinidad & Tobago’s Coalition Advocating for the Inclusion of Sexual Orientation (CAISO)

To learn more: Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

Manic depression or bipolar disorder is a complex genetic disorder that has far reaching effects on those who live with it and those who love them. Left untreated this condition can destroy families and relationships. Unfortunately, treatment locally is still adhoc and rarely holistic in nature.

Local Resource: The Aster Foundation of Trinidad & Tobago
To learn more: – Manic Depression

Studies have shown that early music education has a profound effect on children’s development and academic development. Unfortunately far too many schools locally are unable to have comprehensive music programs due to a lack of funding, and a lack of importance played on non-scholastic subjects.

If you know of a Trinbagonian music initiative why not let us know the details so that they can be added here?

Local Resource:
To learn more: VH1 Save The Music


Obesity is a daily reality for more and more Trinbagonians. Whether driven by emotional overeating or medical obstacles it effects every aspect of a person’s life and impacts how they are treated on a daily basis. Greater sensitivity needs to be placed on the issue of food addiction and how it can be addressed.

If you have been helped by a Trinbagonian food addiction resource why not let us know the details so that they can be added here?

Local Resource:
To learn more visit: Compulsive Overeating

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