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Classical Music Teachers in Trinidad & Tobago

Classical Music Teachers in Trinidad & Tobago
Did you know that there is a Classical Music Development Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago? Yeah, never did I. The site hasn’t been updated in 2 years (which is a damn shame), however it does possess a rather good database of local music teachers. As a former student of both Kenneth Listhrop and Michelle Varley (and Jessell Murray’s reputation followed me everywhere I went in Western Massachusetts... 

Pandora’s Box: Issue #2

Pandora's Box: Issue #2
Hey everyone, welcome to Pandora’s Box! This is where we share (on a semi-regular basis) what is currently on the Legionaire radar. Some of our picks will be obscure, some will be painfully (and unapologetically) mainstream. Regardless, they are what’s stimulating our synapses at the moment. Enjoy, destroy, and if you are interested in picking up any of them won’t you do so via our... 

Domestic violence deaths on the rise in T&T (article)

Domestic violence deaths on the rise in T&T (article)
It was with a heavy heart that I read a Newsday article from November 2009 that stated that domestic violence deaths are on the rise in Trinidad & Tobago. Excerpt: DEATHS from cases of domestic violence have quadrupled over a five-year period from 2004 to 2008, while the amount of cases of domestic violence reported to police have increased by 60 percent, according to statistics released in the... 

Victor Prescod – Pan in the Classroom

Victor Prescod - Pan in the Classroom
Jason and I are both big believers in the importance of early music education (so much so that we have adopted it as one of our causes). For myself music was impossible to avoid. I was fortunate enough to attend a private school that integrated the arts and academics from an early age. During school hours I was happily learning recorder and steelpan, and after school I was taking piano lessons (practical... 
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